Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dragon city hack - 100% Working

Dragon city is an awesome and interesting  game in which you can  breed dragons in a fantastic world of magical islands. You also have the advantage to combat or fight against your friends in a stadium or ground. From this you can come to know about what type of dragon your friends, relatives or anyone has. This game is  available on iphone, ipad, android phones and www. it has approximately  over  ten million users. I recommend you to join the fairytale fun or an adventeurous game and hatch a fun dragon. You will never know what will come out of the egg as any dragon can come out. Its a secret world where you can do anything regarding dragons. The master dragon dues helps us regarding everything in the game. He is also responsible for making us the best dragon master too. This game also gives us the oppurunity to invite friends. It also gives us the opportunity to ask our friends for extra gems. At first he tells us to make a terra habitat for the breeding and living place of the terra dragon the formation of the terra habitat takes the time of 3 seconds. The cost of the terra dragon is  of gold. To see the dragon egg the hatchery needs to be clicked.

 The hatchery is responsible  for the keeping of eggs. For speed hatching mostly gems ranging between 1 to 10 are needed. After hatching of the egg ; it needs to be placed in its respective habitat. After placing the dragon you need to feed it to make the dragon more stronger and bigger for fighting the other dragons. After this we need to grow a cosy farm which is responsible for the production of food. It has different plants according to price, power and time. The breeding mountain is responsible for breeding two dragons at a single time. It takes time according to the dragons breeded. The loche  dragon is available in 500 of gold. Wealso need to collect coins from the dragons. You need to complete missions given on the left side of the screen. To combat with someone you need to click the news and much more icon on the bottom right side of the screen and click on combat world. When you compete with your  on their island, you are able to get some gems. You are able to combat three times in every six hours. You are able to advance in leagues as you progress. There is also an opportunity thyat we don’t lose dragons in combats. After that click on the desired persons island and you are ready to combat with that person. Cchoose the best of your dragons and defeat the person as gives you many words.  Unlock more and more dragons to become the number one. Remove the bushes and trees present on your island to increase the area of your island for various purposes. Keep visiting dukes island to collect lots of gold from his island. And also buy gems for speeding up and various other purposes. So, What you are waiting for? Download dragon city hack now! :)
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